Web Monitoring


    Digital content remains on web for a long time, leaving a trace on search engines.
    Users, customers and partners, make decisions based on the first positive or negative contents, traceable to search engines. The fundamental contents shared are the most viral and influential. It Is difficult to remove online content traces but they can be controlled and blocked by a constant monitoring of web channels and specific keywords.

    Noima is especially a semantical opinion technology that develops its own software about web monitoring to analyzes monitors and evaluates web reputation and digital identity applicable to a brand or individual person.


  • Noima carries out the following web monitoring activities:

    Reputational Analysis

    Analysis and monitoring of the digital presence of the brand, the company or the products/services on the Web and social network.

    Competitor Analysis

    Analysis and monitoring of the digital presence of competitors on the web and their activities on social network.

    Online risks analysis

    Identification and measure of online threats


    Research and analysis of influencers and sources for every specific sector

    Content analysis

    Analysis and monitoring refers to opinions and online reviews

    Social media analysis

    Analysis and monitoring of analytics and activities carried out on corporate social channels and competitors


    Alert programming in real time on monitoring of keyword specifications to trace in online content


    Data collection and creation of personalized and multimedia strategic reports