Who is it for?
Private individual who needs to defend his digital identity and any information about private life.


Our service creates and protects individual digital identity considering web identity and increasing positives



  • Thanks to a software of Semantical Opinion made by Noima, we check the online reputation of the individual h24, monitoring and analyzing the private presence on the Web and collecting the data of the activities carried out on the Social Channels.

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  • Noima manages the digital identity of individuals through the construction and development of a coherent and clear online presence.

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  • Noima takes care about the protection of the reputation and the online person rights, referring to Right To Be Forgotten.

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  • Right to be forgotten

  • Noima performs analysis of sources and identification of negative and bad content, removal and de-indexing of negative content, re-positioning on search engines and reputational engineering actions to restore the damaged online image.