Online Risk Management



    The causes of an Online Reputational Crisis can be of different nature and spread on numerous channels. Web threats or harmful content that can damage corporate or private reputation (as negative comments or bad reviews) often come from dissatisfied customers, employees or influencers, or users who have had a negative experience with a product of low quality or with customer service or even with anti-ethical advertising campaigns, or by employees tired of corporate procedures or even by a managerial scandal. The threats of the web, due to their digital nature, soon become viral, generating a reputational crisis.


    Noima provides an online crisis management intervention plan for the management of reputational crises on web and social media. The Online Crisis Management service protects the online reputation of companies or individuals from any web threats that would otherwise weaken the credibility of the Brand or the public image by putting their business at risk.


    6 steps to protect your web reputation

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