Brand Protection




    Copyright Violation

    Plagiary, forgery brand name, violation and illicit spread about Copyright

    Privacy Violation

    Cloning, Phishing, Keylogging

    Web Defamation

    Insults to personal reputation,  divulgation fake news, Cyberbullying and web security

    Cyber Attack

    Hacker attacks that could compromise your web reputation

    Privacy rights on the web

    To defend brands name, web reputation and people to PR mess. To protect privacy and personal data

  • How Noima could protect you?


    With the support of legal advice, Noima takes care about  Web Reputation and Digital Identity, caring out the following Brand Protection activities:

    Blockchain Certification

    Noima developed an app that certifies the existence in life with a certain date about bad content.
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    Web Monitoring

    Web analysis and monitoring of social channels for the identification and control about contents


    Web monitoring about reputation and possible infringement level of online rights  and consequent planning of an intervention plan

    Elimination URL

    Removal of URL on research engines referred to false news and different content


    Specialized technical-informatics assistance